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Leila Sujir Presents at Mat’Inno: la réalité virtuelle

Leila Sujir talked about the use of immersive technologies within the arts and how they are being used by many digital artists. This presentation was moderated by Martin Lessard (reporter at the radio show La Sphère on ICI Radio-Canada Première) and also invited Prof. Michael J. McGuffin from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS).  During the 4th edition on May 19th, and presented during Printemps Numérique- Montreal, the topic focused on virtual reality and innovation related to immersive environments.

About Mat’Inno:
In partnership with the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montreal, the Quartier de l’innovation organizes 5 morning conferences on hot topics throughout the year. Montreal is the biggest academic city in Canada and this event gives the opportunity for professors from our member universities to present their academic expertise in a dynamic environment. The overall objective is to give citizens and members of the business community insights into a variety of markets and business sectors.

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Sam Meech, Manchester School of Art, visiting artist

Sam Meech, visiting artist from Manchester, UK,  participated in critiques with the undergraduate Intermedia 332, exploring the intersections of Performance Art & technology and visited with us in the Milieux studio. March 28, 2016.

Ways of working with VR, University of Ottawa

Leila Sujir, Anthony Head, Kenny Lozowski presented a talk for an undergraduate class with Catherine Richards, media artist & professor at the University of Ottawa.

The presentation and discussion was conducted by the three researchers in three different timezones in Canada and UK, with Banff, Montreal and Bath all connecting up to the University of Ottawa’s art class.

The students listened to a talk about the learning gained from creating Elastic City Spacey and even included a screen shared version of the project for the students to see with anaglyph glasses. March 23, 2016.


Visiting artists from Australia

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