LOCATION: Grey Nuns residence (E-104)

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The day saw a number of presentations which helped set the scene for discussion over the rest of the week. During the morning session, Anthony Head, Lela Sujir, Charalambos Poullis and Kenny Lozowski introduced their research and its relations to the concepts of Elastic Space, Augmented, Virtual and Future Reality. This sessions was followed by John Di Stefano and Dorita Hannah’s presentation on Intimate Encounters in Public Space. In the afternoon, the topic of Walking Practices was explored. Shauna Janssen read Cynthia Hammond’s recent paper on the power of walking in the city, followed by Paul Landon’s walking tour of Montreal, exploring the changing landscape of cinemas. Late in the evening Professor Ken Perlin gave a keynote presentation about his Chalk Talk software and the Holojam project (you can see the keynote presentation section for more details).


Videos coming soon!