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Reblog: La technologie comme prise de parole | Le Devoir

Photo Credit: Juan Waltero

We are pleased to announce our very own Santiago Tavera along with this collaborator and Concordia MFA alumni, Laura Acosta are currently featured in Le Devoir for their piece  “The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 3) — Live Despecho” as part of  the show «Code: Corps” for the HTMlles 2018 Festival Organized by Studio XX. Their piece will be exhibited at Galerie Articule until December 1st, concluding with a finissage and evening of performances. For more information, check out the link below!


E-Flux Announcement- FotoFest Publication Launch

We’re please to announce FotoFest’s publication launch INDIA/Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art as part of the FotoFest 2018 Biennial in Houston, Texas happening this March 10–April 22, 2018The publication features images, statements, and biographies  from participating artists within the festival, including Elastic Spaces’ Leila Sujir! The book will be available worldwide beginning in March.

Check out the link for more information:


For a list of all participating artists check out the link just released by ArtNews


Presentation at Besides the Screen conference, Coventry, UK

Anthony Head and Leila Sujir presented their research on Elastic Space at the 2017 Besides the Screen conference at Coventry University in July 20-22nd. The conference was a mix of film studies, philosophy and art practice and participants were able to experience the Leila and Anthony’s presentation with 3D anaglyph glasses. The presentation included a number of projects including Elastic City Spacey (Sujir 2015), Tulipmania (Sujir 2005) and iMigration (Head 2016).

Leila Sujir also discussed her recent visit to British Columbia, CA, filming in ancient forests for a new project. It was interesting to discover how other presentations also shared Elastic Space themes, including migration, projection and old technologies.

Besides the Screen is an AHRC International Networks funded event.


Sculpture in Bath Abbey for Forest of Imagination

In June 2016 Anthony Head’s sculpture was featured as part of the UK’s Forest of Imagination event (www.forestofimagination.org.uk), in Bath.

The project was called iMigration and featured a swarm of butterflies, suspended in the middle of Bath Abbey. As the title suggests, the work was about the topic of migration, about how the subject is often reported in the media as statistics without reference to individual stories, and thus creating an impersonal viewpoint of the people who travel from one country to another. In the sculpture, the viewer is presented with a mass of creatures, but it is only on closer inspection that the individuality of each butterfly. Each paper printed butterfly is different, uniquely created with digital techniques.

The work is suspended above head head and as such invites the viewer to move through the space below the butterflies. This is akin to the same ways people are invited to move in more virtual Elastic Space projects.

iMigration was exhibited for three weeks in June 2016, and will be reinstalled for a longer period in September 2016.


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