LOCATIONS: The National Film Board of Canada & Concordia University

The day started with a visit to the NFB, to see examples of films made by Munro Ferguson using Sandde, both as stereographic projection and in a VR headset. We also saw a demonstration of the Lines, collaborative drawing software done by Simon Drouin.  In the afternoon we explored some practical experiments back at Concordia University, including a sketch / performance experience. A round table discussion explored ideas for performance and the potential of 3D and VR.

Before the keynote presentation, there was a screening of a 3D anaglyph film, Possible Movements, by Alison Reiko Loader (PhD, Concordia University), as well as the thesis publication prelaunch, Translational Spaces by Santiago Tavera (MFA, Concordia University).  Finally the evening saw the keynote presentation by Professor Dorita Hannah, exploring a variety of art projects that have used screen technology to create audience experiences (you can check the Keynote Presentation sections for more information on this).


Videos coming soon!