Day 1: Wednesday October 11

Anastasia Ferguson: The “Magic” of New and Antiquated Technologies

Francisco Gonzalez-Rosas: Networked self-representation: from the mobile screen to the video installation

Paul Landon: Forgetting cinema

Robert Luzar: Spacing and Counter-demonstrations

Lee Scott: Finding Lucy Yesterday: temporal dislocation via binaural sound in the mobile opera, ‘Fragments’

Sam Wilkins: Composites: The use of painting in film and visual effects



Day 2: Thursday October 12

Brigitta Zics: The Role of Experience in Art

Philippe Battikha: Halo

Santiago Tavera: Virtual Narratives of Dislocation

Richard White: Sweet Waters: walking as epistemology

Lydia Halcrow: Drawing an embodied line through space, place and time