In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the invention of IMAX  Janine Marchessault of the Public Access Collective and Christian Kroitor (grandson of IMAX inventor Roman Kroitor) of True Frame Productions have come together to commission five new large-format digital film shorts as part of a three- day festival in 2019. The festival will take place at the Cinesphere, the world’s first permanent IMAX movie theatre located in Toronto at Ontario Place.  The theme of the program in true IMAX form, centres around the larger-than-life landscape that forms an outer world.  The festival will include works by Canadian artists: Oliver Husain, Lisa Jackson, Kelly Richardson, Michael Snow, and Leila Sujir.

The festival is aimed at celebrating the invention of IMAX by showcasing the commissioned films alongside a selection of early IMAX productions. The XL-Outer Worlds festival  is expected to later tour the first IMAX cinemas across Canada in Victoria, Sudbury, Edmonton and Montreal.

This project was funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. 

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