Charalambos Poullis (Computer Science and Software Engineering) received a grant with Dr Sudhir Mudur (Chair, Computer Science) and Professor Leila Sujir (Studio Arts) funded by CASA (Concordia University).

Introduction and Motivation
Despite the wide availability of specialized software several restrictions are still imposed on the type of objects/scenes on which projection mapping [PM] can be applied on. The most noteworthy are objects/scenes with (a) complex reflectance properties and (b) low intensity or distinct colors.

The project will research  these limitations and seeks solutions for eliminating these restrictions. The proposed work advances the theoretical understanding and practical development of techniques for automatically identifying and handling any problematic areas in the scene. Furthermore, the proposed research is expected to make substantial contributions to the solution of a complex problem of high practical relevance to the fields of media, visual, studio, and interactive arts. It will also contribute to the development of innovative methods in the general fields of immersive and interactive projection mapping, computer graphics/vision and computer

In this work we will conduct fundamental and applied research which is broken into two related and complementary sub-projects. The research objective (RO) for each sub-project is:
1. Identifying objects with complex reflectance properties.
2. Automatic color correction for areas with low intensity or distinct colors.